My Tribe


It seems unfair to let anyone believe that I’ve been able to attain this dream on my own. It has been quite a ride and I would not be here without my “tribe.” We all have one but, in my very biased opinion, I have the best one (LOL). For those that have supported me in the past and/or continue to support me in my business, this one’s for YOU. Buckle up and prepare for some serious gratitude ahead!

Sometimes, I have to sit back and remind myself that my dream has come true and I can’t help but wonder why. Why me? What made God so gracious to provide such a beautiful opportunity to little ole’ me? Then I realize… I put in the work, yes, but the support and love from my tribe followed with such intensity that I had no choice but to chase this dream that they so strongly believed I could achieve. The referrals, the tags, the shares, the messages, the coffee dates, the long conversations – they’ve all been HUGE blessings to my business. Let’s give some well-deserved shoutouts…

  • Hatch Brokered by Real allowed me the opportunity to explore and grow my experience with a camera – for that I will always be grateful 🙏🏽

  • I have a circle of photographer friends and fellow creatives that have given me support/tips/advice whenever I needed it (so, like, a lot!). I’m looking at you – Tara Photography Company, Sublime Exposures, and Emerald Cove Images 📸

  • The ripple effect is real and social media has brought me success and awareness that I never imagined possible. Friends and friends-of-friends and their friends – it’s WILD. It has been so humbling to see the amount of people I didn’t even know cared liking and commenting on my photos. Whenever I get tagged or my photos are shared or I get a booking from a referral, it fills my heart with such gratitude. Thank you to everyone that has done any of these things to help me and my business 💜

  • I have the greatest friends who continue to spread the word, refer clients my way, provide financial guidance and give stellar business advice. I can go to them with anything, anytime. They never judge or doubt me. Simply put – they’re all amazing and I love them 🫶🏽

Saving the best for last… my husband, Jaren. His support began the moment I wanted to “go for it” and has only continued to grow. From holding back on spending money on what he wanted so that I could purchase things for my business to helping me shoot a wedding, he has always encouraged me to dream bigger. He is my partner in all things and this new journey will be one for the books. Thanks for loving me through it all, Jaren 💋

May this be a reminder to you (and me) to never forget our tribe. After all, where (and who) would we be without them? I don’t know about you, but I never want to find out.




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