My Tribe


It seems unfair to let anyone believe that I’ve been able to attain this dream on my own. It has been quite a ride and I would not be here without my “tribe.” We all have one but, in my very biased opinion, I have the best one (LOL). For those that have supported me in the past and/or continue to support me in my business, this one’s for YOU. Buckle up and prepare for some serious gratitude ahead!

Sometimes, I have to sit back and remind myself that my dream has come true and I can’t help but wonder why. Why me? What made God so gracious to provide such a beautiful opportunity to little ole’ me? Then I realize… I put in the work, yes, but the support and love from my tribe followed with such intensity that I had no choice but to chase this dream that they so strongly believed I could achieve. The referrals, the tags, the shares, the messages, the coffee dates, the long conversations – they’ve all been HUGE blessings to my business. Let’s give some well-deserved shoutouts…

  • Hatch Brokered by Real allowed me the opportunity to explore and grow my experience with a camera – for that I will always be grateful 🙏🏽


  • I have a circle of photographer friends and fellow creatives that have given me support/tips/advice whenever I needed it (so, like, a lot!). I’m looking at you – Tara Photography Company, Sublime Exposures, and Emerald Cove Images 📸


  • The ripple effect is real and social media has brought me success and awareness that I never imagined possible. Friends and friends-of-friends and their friends – it’s WILD. It has been so humbling to see the amount of people I didn’t even know cared liking and commenting on my photos. Whenever I get tagged or my photos are shared or I get a booking from a referral, it fills my heart with such gratitude. Thank you to everyone that has done any of these things to help me and my business 💜


  • I have the greatest friends who continue to spread the word, refer clients my way, provide financial guidance and give stellar business advice. I can go to them with anything, anytime. They never judge or doubt me. Simply put – they’re all amazing and I love them 🫶🏽

May this be a reminder to you (and me) to never forget our tribe. After all, where (and who) would we be without them? I don’t know about you, but I never want to find out.