Let’s Talk Boudoir


This one is all about BOUDOIR. It’s a topic that has often crossed the minds of women when they’re preparing a gift for their spouse-to-be or to serve as a spicy Valentine’s Day gift for their partner. While those circumstances are wonderful reasons to look into a boudoir session, there are infinite other reasons to take the leap and just book it. If you’re reading this and you have your own reason, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN! The truth is that many women don’t realize those reasons until they experience it for themselves. 


Case in point… one of my recent boudoir clients told me (again) how much she enjoyed her session. For the sake of privacy, I’ll refer to her as “S” moving forward. If you’ve ever considered booking a boudoir session (or just love some gorgeous photos… because samesies), KEEP READING!

When talking to my clients, it’s always humbling to hear about their experience. However, without a doubt, my favorite reviews to receive and feedback to discuss is from my boudoir clients. Here’s why…


L: What was your initial reason for booking a boudoir session?

S: “I did a boudoir shoot 3 years ago and the confidence and empowering feeling it gave me was incredible. My husband and I booked a studio suite at the Jasper Hotel and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do it again in a new setting.


L: How were you feeling going into the session?

S: “I was very excited but also a little nervous without having met Lindsey before.


L: How did your feelings change during the session?

S: “Lindsey made the entire experience feel like we were just two best friends hanging out. We laughed, pretended to be serious and then laughed some more. She made me feel comfortable, confident and sexy. The hour and a half session went by so fast


L: How did you feel when you saw your final photos?

S: “I was AMAZED and could not put my phone down. I forgot how many different outfits/poses we did. The final photos are something I am very proud of.


L: What’s your takeaway after doing a boudoir shoot?

S: “This is an incredibly empowering experience that I think everyone should do at least once in their lives. This was my second boudoir shoot and Lindsey exceeded all expectations. If anyone is even slightly considering doing one, I would strongly encourage it! You will not regret it!

My goal in these sessions is to show women how stunning, strong, and powerful they are (can I get an amen?!). My passion is to capture the moments that make them feel like fire so they can look at them and realize the fierce human that they are. To know that I was able to be part of someone’s journey of self-empowerment and beauty is an incredible honor that I don’t take for granted.


Whether you’re shy, outgoing, self-conscious or confident, there is so much to gain for yourself in the process. Trust me (and my clients)…


Just book it.