When was the last time you witnessed something you would consider “pure” in its natural form? 


Pure joy.

Pure beauty.

Pure innocence.


There is one thing that cannot be mistaken when you see it – genuine and pure LOVE. As humans, we crave it, we chase it, we cry over it, and we will do just about anything to experience it. 


How is it that, for some lucky few, it seems to come so naturally?

Please give a warm welcome to Casey + Chase to the blog! 


After seeing me shoot a friend’s wedding over a year ago, they contacted me to capture theirs and we (yes, WE, I’m part of this now!) have been head over heels for each other ever since! We talked timelines, brainstormed locations, and prayed for the rain to stay away (and it did!). Together, we (okay, mostly they) made it to the big day and I can’t wait to share the highlights with you!


Now, PAUSE… LOOK AT THEM! Can someone please figure out how to collect this energy as a power source for humankind? It’s possible, right?! Okay, sorry. I’m back (but can you blame me for getting distracted?!).

After nearly a decade of being together, including a 2-year engagement), these two tied the knot surrounded by people that love them on a hot summer day in North Dakota. The gown was white and danced in the breeze, the suit was deep blue to match her eyes and their smiles were never-ending as they got ready with anxious excitement for their “first look.” When the day was done and they were asked what their favorite moment of the day was, this was it.

“…an extra special part of our day was spending time together during our “first look” and taking photos on The Greenway – a spot where we always spent time biking, running, and hanging out while dating.”

Casey (Bride)

All love stories are their own. Innocent yet wildly unpredictable. Slightly similar and, yet, so unique. Precious and powerful. All at once. A whirlwind. 


The love story I got a glimpse of that day is only a fraction of what I know their life ahead of them will hold. It was almost as if Mother Nature herself was on their side as a stunning  sunset and gentle breeze gave the perfect backdrop to end the evening.

Date → June 3rd, 2023

Ceremony → Freedom Church

Reception → The Opal Event Center

Hers → Your Day by Nicole

His → Halberstadt’s

Music → Dan the Danceman

Floral → Wy’s Floral

Cake → Emazing Cookies + UND Bakery


Never have I ever met a bride as sweet as this one (she video-called her grandpa – who couldn’t make it – right before the ceremony) or a groom as anxious to meet his bride for the millionth, but also the first, time. Never have I ever witnessed such pureness.

Pure joy.

Pure beauty.

Pure innocence.


Pure love.

Until now.


Thanks for inviting me into your world for the day, Casey + Chase. With a decade behind you, you’re well on your way. Here’s to the many more decades to come! 




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