There is a special kind of love that few in this world ever get to experience. It is found in the little things like the way they smile at each other when no one is looking and their natural instinct to nuzzle into the other with comfort. Sometimes you meet a couple that makes you think “this is it!” and you want to soak in every bit of the bliss. (Seriously, is there a way to bottle this up somehow?!)


I had the honor of working with a couple that, as I witnessed their love for each other, took my breath away. I’m SO excited to share their love with you. Please join me in welcoming Alivia + Kyle to the LS Photography Co. family!

After an 8-month engagement, these two were READY and made my job EASY. One of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding is getting to know the couple’s family and friends. I have to say, these folks are top notch human beings. Taking family photos was a breeze and so much fun as I lovingly “shoo-ed” the bride’s father from place to place – he just wanted to be wherever she was (which was supes adorbs, tbh). Needless to say, we all became quick friends. They even pulled up a chair and invited me to sit with them at dinner! Like, are you kidding me?! Sweetest. people. EVER.

“…I was really nervous the morning of, but it was really fun to get ready with my bridesmaids and squad. Lindsey showed me a few pictures of my husband getting ready, which calmed my nerves a lot and I felt really excited. Then once we got to the ceremony, I felt great and just so excited!

Alivia (Bride)

From the beautiful gown handmade by a family friend to the bride’s father officiating, there were so many special touches throughout the day. One of the most special moments of the day was one that I (and 0nly I) had the privilege of enjoying with them. (Could my job BE any better?!) Immediately following the ceremony, they had 20+ minutes to stop time and hold each other while reveling in their newly wedded bliss. It was beautiful and I hope to see that become a trend in weddings moving forward (future brides – I’m looking at you!).


Once the reception began, the couple made time to visit with each and every one of their guests – all 300 of them! – on and off the dance floor throughout the evening. After the first few dances, it was time to cut the cake… or at least try. The ice cream cake was still frozen and they couldn’t cut into it! We all laughed, took the pictures and got back to more important things… CELEBRATING!

Date → June 10th, 2023

Ceremony → Calvary at Village Green

Reception → Avalon Events Center

Hers → Handmade (by a family friend!)

His → Men’s Wearhouse

Floral → Hobby Lobby + FallinLoveBouquets

Cake → DQ + Costco

All it takes is one.


One first glance.

One first kiss.

One hand to hold.

One person. 

That’s it.


The rest is… well, forever.


Alivia + Kyle – THANK YOU for allowing me to capture the beginning of your forever. I wish you nothing but love and happiness in the adventures to come!




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